Encke is the Comet Complien. It belongs to the Cosmic and Frost Elements. It grows into Halley and later into Hyakutake.


Enckes have lavender heads with gray headsets. The headset moves across the forehead, and has two black circles off to the side. The head of the Encke has two eyes, which are usually closed, and long, comet-like hair, that starts off lavender, then becomes light blue, then dark blue. Enckes have a dress-like body with a black collar connecting it to its head, and a fancy black pattern. Around the body is a yellow coat. Enckes are predominantly female.


Enckes are Compliens rarely found around the remains of Moonbeam Mountain. Before the small asteroid destroyed the mountain, Enckes were much more common. Since then, Enckes have scattered across Complanet, though they appear most at Moonbeam Mountain's remains. Enckes are able to travel very quickly, and when moving from one place to another, can leave a bright light in the sky. These bright lights are often mistaken for shooting stars, and can fool people who seem them fairly often. Enckes have very cold bodies, particularly around the hair, which under certain conditions, can actually form ice particles. Enckes are fairly fragile, though they do have a powerful attack stat. On many occasions when an Encke is encountered in battle, it will quickly attack the opponent, then try to escape somewhere else before it can be hit back. Enckes rarely appear on their own, and often appear with a mothering Halley or Hyakutake, who helps defend the younger Enckes.



Encke grows into Halley, which grows into Hyakutake.


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Some insights on Encke's origins.


Encke is named after Comet Encke. It and its grown forms are all named after comets.


Encke is loosely based off of comets.