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Elements are the various forms of magical powers associated to every single Complien, Raethian, Mogurian, Spell, and Instinct. Creatures belonging to a specific element will often have advantages and disadvantages against creatures of other elements, alongside being more proficient in using spells of their element.

There are 27 elements in total, though the Corrupt element is artificial in nature, and the twenty-seventh is the All Element, which experiences proficiency in the main 25 elements.

List of elements[]

Plain.png Fire.png Water.png Earth.png
Air.png Flora.png Volt.png Frost.png
Esper.png Light.png Dark.png Cosmic.png
Metal.png Spectral.png Magic.png Passion.png
Martial.png Life.png Toxic.png Dream.png
Time.png Sound.png Cyber.png Nuclear.png
Warp.png Corrupt.png All.png