Ectopus is the Octopus Complien. It belongs to the Water and Spectral Elements. It grows into Octoplasm.


Ectopus is a green Complien with a large, baggy head that has two eyes, usually closed, and eight tentacles. It is green in color, and lets off a greenish glow.


Ectopi float through the ocean, providing a dim light, and trying to capture smaller Compliens with their short tentacles. While their tentacles rarely do much harm, they can trap Compliens in sickly ectoplasm, and take them down from there. They are carnivores.

Ectopi usually live deep in the ocean, but there have been reports of them floating up to the surface, where their bright lights end up crashing sailors. Ectopi usually travel alone, rather than with other Ectopi or an Octoplasm. Due to their bright green color and mild glow, Ectopi are usually easily spotted, and are not great at camoflauge.



Ectopus grows into Octoplasm.


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Some insights on Ectopus's origins.


Its name is derived from octopus and ectoplasm.


Its design is based off the "Casper octopus," which is noted for having a ghost-like appearance.


  • Dead Ectopi don't glow.