Dustich is the Broomstick Complien. It belongs to the Magic and Earth Elements. It grows into Sandwitch.


Dustich is a broomstick-like Complien, with a straw head that is tied at the top, has two eyes, a mouth, and rosy pink cheeks. It has a pink dress, and a purple coat with light yellow highlights.


It is rumored that during the Middle Ages of Complanet, this species of Complien was hired to clean the dust off of houses, allowing more upper-class Compliens to study, in an attempt to get the planet out of its Medieval period. However, with all the dust Dustiches collect, overnight, Dustiches would group together, and study magic spells it could utilize the dust to attack with. While Dustiches were seen as fairly weak Compliens during said time, the dust could help blind powerful Compliens with good eyesight that may be attacking, such as Zogigoz, and thus, Dustiches would often provide a starting force in most armies. As they studied more, they learned more and more complex spells and became more powerful. Many elite Dustiches would explore Complanet, and some returned in the grown form of Sandwitch. Since then, Dustiches have become an elite part of many Complien teams, and are often handed to beginners in the field of battling.



Dustich grows into Sandwitch.


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Some insights on Dustich's origins.


Its name is derived from "dust" and "witch."


Dustich is based on legends of witches riding on broomsticks, being a broomstick itself.


  • Dustiches frequently end up with poor vision upon getting dust in their own eyes.