Dimilevis is the Half Light Complien. It belongs to the Dark and Light Elements. It grows into Licenoctis.


Very much of its body is covered by a light blue hood, and only its face and limbs can be seen. Its face is half black and half white, and its limbs alternate being black on left and white on right for its arms, while its legs are black on right and white on left. In the center of its chest is a circle, separated into eight black and white swirls. The circle holds the hood together up front. It is unknown what its body looks like behind the hood.


Often Dimilevi have a tendency to have mixed up thoughts, and often conflict with themselves. Dimilevi can be seen at any time of day, so finding one should not be too hard, as they are fairly common Compliens. Depending on the time of day, one part of them may dominate more. Often, they are harmless, and only meander around aimlessly, so when outside, Dimilevi will not be a major threat. However, Dimilevi can also go with only using half their usual power, by letting the other half lay dormant. While this does leave their attacks less powerful, it can leave a Dimilevis more focused, and give them a better chance at defeating opponents.



Dimilevis grows into Licenoctis.


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Some insights on Dimilevis's origins.


Its name comes from the latin words for "Half Light".


Although human-like in appearance, not much inspired Dimilevis's appearance, aside from an attempt to create a half-dark and half-light being.


  • The name was conceived by Clodiuth-Matrix on the old wiki, but the design was done by CompliensCreator00.