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Dimilevis is the Half Light Complien. It belongs to the Dark and Light Elements. It is the grown form of Dimilevis.


Licenoctis has a head, which is dark on one side and light on the other. The eyes change color depending on what side of the head they are located on, since on the dark side of its face it has a light eye and vice versa. This helps its eyes more easily stand out. Most of its body is surrounded by a large suit with a hood, that covers its head and curls back at the end. Its sleeves are mostly tattered, revealing it to have small hands with no fingers. On the chest of it is an emblem that swirls through the middle. At the bottom of its outfit it fades to blue, and is tattered at the end as well. It has two dark blue feet with starry patterns on them, resembling half-spheres.


For a long time, it was believed that Licenocti never slept, though recently, such theories have been proven untrue. Tests reveal that throughout all times of day, Licenocti are half-dormant, with only one side taking control, while the other is used to rest until it is active again. Licenocti have wildly different behavior between day and night, suggesting that they may have two personalities, only one which is active at a time. If the other side is woken up, the Licenoctis will start contradicting itself, often leaving it in a strange state as one side tries to go inactive again.



Dimilevis grows into Licenoctis.


Some insights on Licenoctis's origins.


Its name comes from the latin words for "leaving night".


Although human-like in appearance, not much inspired Dimilevis's appearance, aside from an attempt to create a half-dark and half-light being.


  • The name was conceived by Clodiuth-Matrix on the old wiki, but the design was done by CompliensCreator00.