Compliens (ˌkämplēəns) are the main focus of this wiki. Compliens are known to wildly vary in appearance, abilities, and intelligence, but are by definition, creatures that have magical abilities through the common root of complixonox, differentiating them from other high-sapience species such as Raethians or Mogurians.

A small group of high-sapience Compliens, known as Complinoids, are known to have advanced skill sets and communication techniques, and are usually differentiated from other Compliens as such.


Compliens are creatures that come in many shapes and sizes, but all share a common root in complixonox. Complixonox allows Compliens to wield magical abilities in a variety of Elements, often performed through each Complien's Spells and Instincts. A common trait of Compliens is the ability to grow from or into different forms, such as a Marsym growing into Marsymom. Generally, as a Complien grows, it will gain new skillsets and abilities in a more powerful form. If growth leads to a Complien becoming a less powerful form, that is classified as a misgrowth, such as from Okidoki to Notokidoki. Some Compliens, such as Mixbox, do not grow at all.

The Complien civilization has a rich and varied story that extends across millennia, that users are allowed to contribute to as they wish.


  • The creator and her brother were at their grandparents and they took two toy eggs and called it Eggmaton. She said it was a fake Pokemon. But a few months later, the creator changed her mind and made it a Complien. This was the first Complien.
  • The name "Complien" was conceived in 2009, utilizing a similar logic to Pokémon, or at least the logic the creator saw at the time, which was combining a random noun (pocket) with a shortened form of some monster term (monster). In the case of Compliens, it was shortened from "compass aliens," which makes absolutely no sense in hindsight, but the name ultimately stuck.
    • In addition, "Complien" was initially spelled with a breve above the "e," as "Compliĕn." The breve was removed because it was a hassle to type, and to further distance the series from Pokémon.