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An example of a Complien, the Totomple.

Compliens (pronounced /ˈkɒəns/) are the main focus of this wiki. Compliens are known to vary wildly in appearance, abilities, and intelligence, but are, by definition, creatures born from complixonox.

High-sapience Compliens, known as Complinoids, are capable of human-level thought and intelligence. Most known Complinoid species live on Complanet.


Compliens are creatures that come in many shapes and sizes, but all share a common root in complixonox. Complixonox allows Compliens to wield magical abilities in a variety of Elements, often performed through each Complien's Spells and Instincts. Compliens can also grow into a variety of different forms.

The Complien civilization has a rich and varied story that extends across millennia, that users are allowed to contribute to as they wish.


  • The creator and her sibling were at their grandparents and they took two toy eggs and called it Eggmaton. She said it was a fake Pokémon. But a few months later, the creator changed her mind and made it a Complien. This was the first Complien.
  • The name "Complien" was conceived in 2009, utilizing a similar logic to Pokémon, or at least the logic the creator saw at the time, which was combining a random noun (pocket) with a shortened form of some monster term (monster). In the case of Compliens, it was shortened from "compass aliens," which makes absolutely no sense in hindsight, but the name ultimately stuck.
    • In addition, "Complien" was initially spelled with a breve above the "e," as "Compliĕn." The breve was removed because it was a hassle to type, and to further distance the series from Pokémon.
    • The name was coined in mid-September of 2009, and CompliensCreator00 likes to think it was September 14th, though she isn't entirely sure. Regardless, she considers that date to be the official "start" of Compliverse.
      • A handful of Compliens, such as Eggmaton, Tekit, and Tileile were designed before that date, but were designed as miscellaneous monsters with no particular tie to between them.