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Complanet Map

Map of Complanet.

Complanet is the main planet of the Compliens. It is divided into many countries and islands, each with their own creatures and customs.


Complanet has seven moons.

  • Luno is the first moon, the fastest, and the closest to Complanet. It is second biggest to Tresoon, though.
  • Dosky is the second moon. It is second as close to Complanet, but is the slowest to orbit.
  • Tresoon is the third moon. It has a thin atmosphere and Cosmic Element Compliens. It is the biggest moon.
  • Cuatrosol is the fourth moon from Complanet. It is warmest of the moons and can heat up to very high temperatures.
  • Darcinco is fifth of the moons from Complanet. It has a lopsided orbit and looks like a crescent because a huge asteroid slammed into it.
  • Seisark is the sixth moon. It has a surface of obsidian that makes it black.
  • Skiete is the moon farthest away from Complanet. It has a thin, reflective surface that makes it shine brightly.




Dependent territoriesEdit


  • The moons are named after Spanish numbers.
  • According to the census of 215D, the Complinoid population of Complanet is 5,277,153,650.