Comimente is the Broken Brain Complien. It belongs to the Esper Element. It grows into Comicorpe.


The head of a Comimente is mostly spherical, save for a large portion of it chopped out. In that section is many floating tiles that make up its thoughts. A few white tiles are not connected to its head. It has many tentacles which serve as its limbs. It has large eyes on its head, with some broken areas around it. Its skin is usually white.


Often, the thoughts of a Comimente are scrambled, as its memories are stored in tiles rather than in a simple functioning brain. Comimentes often have difficulties tackling simple tasks, though it can attack fairly well, especially for a first stage Complien. Often, Comimentes are slow to respond, thus making them less good pets. If one wants to keep a Comimente, they must be patient.

In the wild, Comimentes are found in the forest, where they frequently end up prey to other Compliens due to their slow response times. As such, Comimentes are considered endangered, and their populations are being restored by preservation groups. Comimentes are still quite rare, as conservation efforts have only recently begun, though their population has seen a steady increase over the past few years.



Comimente grows into Comicorpe.


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Some insights on Comimente's origins.


Comimente's name comes from the Latin words for "Crooked Mind."


Comimente's design takes inspiration from brains and cephalopods.