Comicorpe is the Broken Brain Complien. It belongs to the Esper Element. It grows from Comimente.


Comicorpe has a mostly ovular head, aside from a chunk which is taken out of it. Many tiles circle the head, which contain its memories. It has two square eyes, which crumble in the surrounding area. It has a collar with a red jewel in the middle, and a similar red jewel on its body, with a few cracks around it. It has a body which is torn at the bottom, and has six arms at the sides. It is mostly a white color, with the collar being blue.


Comicorpes are often most recognized for their scattered-tile brains, rather than a single object resting inside the body. As such, they are typically slow performers in battles, but they have a tendency to hit hard in the instance that they do hit. If two Comicorpes get close to one another, the tiles have a chance to merge, leaving them with more scrambled memories. In the off-chance one ends up with no memories, they are left with a heavy chance of dying. Comicorpes can make a good pet, since they are a fairly smart species, and can be obedient, though the owners of them must be patient, as they can take time to perform actions. It is said that certain actions, however, that are central to staying alive, may not be in a Comicorpe's tile-based brain.



Comimente grows into Comicorpe.


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Some insights on Comicorpe's origins.


Comicorpe's name is derived from the Latin words for "Crooked Body."


Comicorpe's design was created by designing a more advanced version of Comimente, to assure it had a body, matching the name.