Chtavlaki is a Complien that grows into Apasdai or Apasmhat, depending on gender. It has the Water and Toxic elements and lives in the oceans of Sworld.


It looks like a purple egg with its lower half contained within a thick dark purple membrane, with tentacles protruding from underneath it. It has two to three red compound eyes, with vestigial gray pupils floating underneath the eyes' thin film. The tentacles are dotted with lavender dots facing towards the center of its lower body.


They float through the water by moving their thick outer membrane up and down their egg-shaped body and by pushing outwards with its tentacles. They eat by catching preserver plants, fouskazizanion, Sukmauths, and sometimes Seeriel Kriller in their tight mass of tentacles, then absorbing the nutrients through their skin. Chtavlakis have a very spongy and light constitution due to this, but they have a rubbery skin that allows them to bounce away from strong currents that would dash a boat into a reef.

Chtavlakis are born when an Apasdai dies and its body buds off into hundreds of small sperm nodules, which are reverse fertilized by a passing Apasmhat and its eggs.



Chtavlaki grows into Apasdai.


Chtavlaki grows into Apasmhat.


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Some insights on Chtavlaki's origins.


Its name comes from a severely mangled version of the word "calamari".


It is based on a squid.


  • Chtavlaki tentacle interiors taste like soy sauce and carrots when peeled and cooked, making them a delicacy. The rest of the Chtavlaki is inedible, but the gummy membrane can be chewed for a peanut-like taste.
  • They can regrow their tentacles, which combined with their delicacy status led to multiple "farms" springing up across Sworld. This in turn triggered many animal rights groups to lash out against the cruel treatment of the Chtavlakis and close down all of the tentacle factories. This resulted in nobody wanting to harvest more tentacles because of fears that their business would just be shut down, and thus Chtavlaki tentacles became even more highly-priced and valued, and thus people started poaching the tentacles in secret even more cruelly than before and throwing the detentacled Chtavlakis back into the ocean, where they starved because there were no factory workers to feed them as they regrew. The membranes were also discovered to be good-tasting when poaching started, but since without their membranes Chtavlakis die, and poachers didn't care as much for the Chtavlakis as the factories did, many, many more Chtavlakis were killed than before and their number plummeted dramatically. They were only saved when the animal rights activists realized their mistake and stopped picketing the tentacle factories, leading to the price going down, leading to poachers becoming uninterested, leading Chtavlaki populations to burst back to their original numbers.
  • They are color blind.


Chtavlaki's Moveset