Celestower is the Astral Complien. It belongs to the Cosmic Element. It grows from Celestar and burgeons into Extraterrestower.


Celestower is a Complien with a long green head with two beady eyes and a mouth on the lower part, and images of planets closer to the top. Celestowers have little blue squares surrounding their heads, and they wear gray space suits with an image of a star on a patch, with the arms unguarded.


Celestowers only appeared on Complanet fairly recently, and as such, little has been known about them. They are confirmed to be a species of Complien, due to the amount of complixonox in them, and they seem to be of high sapience. Celestowers seem to often take an interest in outer space, and have been able to record solar systems millions of light years away. Celestowers have a previous form, called Celestar, and a burgeoned form, called Extraterrestower. They seem to take interest in Complien food, but often prepare meals of their own as well. Celestowers remain a mysterious creature that have to be studied to learn more about. Occasionally, scientists keep this Complien as a pet, to exchange certain knowledge the other is wondering.



Celestar grows into Celestower.


Celestower burgeons into Extraterrestower.


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Some insights on Celestower's origins.


Celestower's name is derived from "celestial" and "tower," referring to its large towering head.


Celestower takes inspiration from aliens, particularly theories of "little green men."


  • Originally, its body resembled the sun and its limbs resembled the moon. This was changed to make it easier to draw.