Boomvox is the Techno Complien. It belongs to the Cyber and Sound Elements. It does not grow into or from anything.


Boomvox is a humanlike Complien with a mostly metallic blue body. Its face is a large black screen with multicolor bars on it. Its arms are mostly curved, and on the inside, feature speaker grills. Each hand has three, unattatched fingers. In the middle of its body is another large speaker grill, and its feet are more black surfaces with colorful bars, having gold rings above them.


Boomvoxes are known to be fairly noisy creatures. Often, they can be detected from the sounds they make. Their hands and face allow them to display the level of noise being heard. Often, another trait of a Boomvox is their ability to modify sounds around them. Often, more natural sounds are heard more computerized within the prescence of a Boomvox. How they do this is unknown, though scientists suggest that there may be some sort of force eminating from a Boomvox, due to its floating fingers. This gives scientists a hint that all within a Boomvox's range has the sound modified.

Boomvoxes seek out rocks that contain high amounts of silicon and trace minerals and pulverize them with sonic blasts. They then consume the powder by opening the soles of their feet into tubes and sucking it up.



Boomvox does not grow.


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Some insights on Boomvox's origins.


Boomvox's name is derived from the word "boombox."


Boomvox's design takes inspiration from radios and other elements of techno radio.


  • In Boomvox language, static noises are taken as mumbling.