Blockwhy is the Box Complien. It belongs to the Plain Element. It does not grow into or from anything.


Blockwhies are a creature with eight legs and one arm. They have one eye. It is speculated that they may have a mouth under the box, but it is unknown. Their arms have one small white hand, and their legs each have small brown shoes. The most prominent feature is the cardboard box upon its head, which is a reddish-brown color. On the box is a large arrow surrounding the eye.


Blockwhies are often found in alleys in large, urban areas. Often, they are mistaken for cardboard boxes, as they disguise themselves using headstands frequently. Often, they simply search for scraps for food, and they have a particular enjoyment for meaty foods, such as meatballs and burgers, but will also eat greens. Originally, Blockwhies were not incredibly common, and were often considered endangered, but as of late, conservation efforts have been tremendously restoring their populations, and as of 217D, they have been moved to an Uncommon rank on the List of Compliens. They are still frequently threatened, however, so conservation efforts are still to be continued, since it is believed that left unprotected, their populations could severely decrease again.



Blockwhy does not grow.


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Some insights on Blockwhy's origins.


Blockwhy's name is derived from "block" and "why," due to its box-shaped appearance.


Blockwhy's design is based on a cardboard box.


  • Blockwhy was created by a user named Pablor on the Complipedia. This is the only Complien they ever created.
  • Blockwhy's design was revamped in 2015 by CompliensCreator00.