Atraigni is the Black Flame Complien. It belongs to the Dark and Fire Elements. It grows into Atracandli and later Atralumi.


Atraignis have a red or white cylindrical body, depending on gender, and three red eyes with black pupils. They have a small mouth, and either gray or red bands separating their head from their four legs. They have a gray flame on top.


Atraignis are an uncommon Complien that are found in abandoned areas. The gray flames on their heads are extremely hot, and can start large fires in a matter of seconds. Atraignis actually utilize this ability to this advantage. Teaming up with Atracandlis and Atralumis, Atraignis will find forested areas, and begin burning them until all the Compliens in their way are gone. Afterwards, they will form nests in these areas, and establish them as a new home. Atraignis hate being disturbed, and will set themselves ablaze if angered. However, their skin is fire-retardant, allowing them to remain healthy at all times.

Frequently, firefighters are bothered by these Compliens, as they frequently have to find forests Atraignis are burning down and attempt to put out the flames. People often fear Atraignis, since they are worried that their homes will be burnt down provided an Atraigni is to come inside. Due to this, Atraigni populations are frequently moved to other areas, hoping no Compliens will be harmed.

Atraignis have the ability to start flames based on their diet, which consists of coal rocks, and other combustible materials to keep the flames running. Atraignis require sustenance quite often, as they utilize the flames as a mean of communication. Atraignis lead to the fall of Complanet's coal industry, since they'd frequently gather in coal mines, and eat all of the coal before it could be mined. This lead for a large push of industries in alternative sources of energy.



Atraigni grows into Atracandli, which grows into Atralumi.


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Some insights on Atraigni's origins.


Atraigni's name is derived from the Latin words for "Black Flame."


Atraigni is based off of a candle.


  • Atraigni was designed by Clodiuth-Matrix, though she left before creating Atracandli and Atralumi.