Atome is the Atomic Complien. It has the Nuclear Element. When three Atomes are together, they grow into Molecool, which can grow into Plasmorn.


It has a spherical neon orange body, that has red eyes with yellow pupils, and dark, reddish-violet eyebrows. It has a large mouth, and a cloud of electron-like particles surrounding it.


Atomes are very small Compliens with many particles surrounding them. These particles contain stored energy for later use by the Atome. They live in Complanet's ozone layer, idly absorbing the sun's rays. They are only a few centimeters big.

Atomes are not very sapient and have nothing higher than base survival instinct. They are attracted to each other and will form clumps, which causes them to turn into Molecools.

Disturbed Atomes will suddenly and violently explode with the force of a stick of dynamite. Before exploding, they absorb the energy from each particle surrounding them, expanding their body to the size of a soccer ball. Their explosion scatters dozens of small Atome seeds everywhere, which eventually grow into full-sized Atomes when they absorb enough light.

Their presence in the stratosphere makes space travel to and from Complanet rather painful unless ships are heavily armored. Fortunately, they are magnetic and can be pushed aside by a magnetic field without setting them off.



Atome grows into Molecool, which grows into Plasmorn.


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Some insights on Atome's origins.


Atome's name is derived from "atom," a word used to describe some of the smallest particles in the universe. Atom itself is derived from the Greek word for "uncuttable."


Atome's design is based off of an atom.