Argilinfanti is a Complien with the Earth element. It grows into Argilparvuli and later Argiladulti.


It has a human-like body made entirely from light brown clay. It has a head, a body, two arms, and two legs. It has one brown-yellow eye and a white pacifier in its mouth. It wears a white diaper and has a red symbol representing earth on its forehead.


Argilinfantis live in the arid badlands of Complanet in tribes with their Argilparvuli and Argiladulti brethren. They are not very intelligent and are quite fragile, so they must be taken care of by their tribe. They feed exclusively on clay, so Argilinfanti-containing tribes must remain close to clay deposits.

New Argilinfantis are created when an Argiladulti molds one out of clay and imbues it with life by touching their earth symbol to the forehead of the clay model.



Argilinfanti grows into Argilparvuli, which grows into Argiladulti.


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Some insights on Argilinfanti's origins.


Argilinfanti is derived from the Latin words for "clay baby."


Argilinfanti resembles a human infant built from clay.


  • Argilinfanti was designed by Clodiuth-Matrix, though she left before creating Argilparvuli and Argiladulti.